Find the right golf ball


Finding the best golf ball for you game can be tricky. There’s hundreds of models to choose from, all built with different layers cores and shells to give the its special features. It’s not necessary so that the most expensive golf ball is the best match for you just because the tour pros using it. To help you know which balls to chose from we made this guide below. All you need to know is your driving distance.

Just ask yourself how far you hit a driver, and please be honest to your self not all the guys hit it like Rory :)

What's your driving distance?

165-190 Meters

This type of golfer are mainly focusing on hitting clean, straight shots. To achieve this a ball with less spin is profitable. It will reduce slice/hook and add some length to the shots. A 2-piece ball is the best option, but are you up for some extra spin a 3-piece ball with a softer shell might also do the trick.

  • Swing speed driver: 75-85 (mph)
  • Length with driver: 165-190 Meters
  • Average 7-iron length : 100-120 Meters

190-220 Meters

This segment will match a wide range of golfers that are looking for an all-around golf ball. This player wants a golf ball that helps getting good distance out of the shots but with a softer feel and more spin, which makes it easier to control around the green. A 3-piece ball is the right type for him/her.

  • Swing speed driver: 85-95 (mph)
  • Length with driver: 165-190 Meters
  • Average 7-iron length : 120-140 Meters

220-250+ Meters

Distance and consistency is not a problem. The most important feature of the ball is the feel and the workability. To produce the right amount of spin around the green. This player looks for a more advanced golf ball, often a 3-4 piece. Players hitting it 250+ may look for low spinning balls.

  • Swingspeed driver: 95-110+ (mph)
  • Length with driver: 165-190 Meters
  • Avarage 7-iron length : 140-160+ Meters